Joe Cacchione

Once he realized that everything is just a big joke, being a comic made sense…Joe Cacchione quickly recognized that he was destined to be on stage and make people laugh, despite his parents’ countless efforts to lead him back on a more righteous path. What was the result? His career as a comic coexists with his career as a high school principal… now that’s a trick in itself! His irresistible jokes have the ability to play down life’s problems. Joe was then struck by genius and created a theatre group, which he named “SCHERZI A PARTE”, masterpiece in the art of entertainment. When asked what he finds so amusing in our daily lives: “Everything is funny as long as it happens to others, right?!…”. The future of the group is in his hands, rather in his words: «Laughter is a cure: It’s good for your health. Our shows propose a therapy which you can repeat as many times as you need!”.

Pino Pirillo

Born into a very proud Calabrese family who immigrated in the late 60’s in Montreal, Pino learned very early on, that he loved to make people laugh. He enjoys the sound of laughter, he says, “Hearing people laugh at what I say is the biggest compliment I can get, knowing for that moment in time I brought them to a happy place! His witty comedic style brings to life what it’s like growing up in an old school Italian family, which is not always easy! “I act out my calabrese origins playing with our habits, our qualities and flaws. The audience empathizes with my jokes and has fun, immersing themselves in a sort of ‘amarcord – I remember’, laughing at my characters. In my shows, the audience both has fun and goes back to his youth, appreciating their roots more and more”.

Gino Durante

Named “One to Watch” by The Montreal Gazette. Winner of The Montreal Comedy Competition, performed at Just For Laughs’ Zoofest Festival. Regular at The Comedy Nest and Comedy Works.